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A commentary on tax, business, civil and divorce law developments by Jane Lusiorn, a prominent Boston lawyer. This site includes information and opinion about current key legislation. Feel free to contact me to give your suggestions.

Canadian law attorneys with Jane Lusiorn provide professional representation in:

  • the provision of “in house” services, including contract review and analysis, personnel policies and procedures review and analysis, and tribal governance consultation;
  • matters involving tribal employment issues;
  • the development and revision of tribal documents, including constitutions, codes, ordinances, and resolutions;
  • matters involving the acquisition and management of land, including the fee-to-trust process;
  • matters affecting the welfare of US children, including ICWA services;
  • the development of tribal enterprises;
  • patent and trademark protection of US cultural and commercial assets;
  • negotiation of intergovernmental agreements;
  • representation before administrative tribunals, including the Interior Board of  US Appeals (IBCA); and
  • litigation of various matters in tribal, state and federal courts.

For your convenience, we have prepared brochures describing certain areas of our practice in greater detail. Please follow the links below to print out and view them.

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