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What is an Arrest Warrant ?

What is a Warrant of Arrest ? An arrest warrant is a document that require someone to be brought into police custody. A particular arrest warrant specifies the crime which was committed, the name of the person called into custody to take legal responsibility for the crime, the name of the judge issuing the warrant and the big date. The warrant is sent to the authorities who then arrest that individual and additionally can either hold them in custody up until they may be able be brought prior to the courtroom or give them bail and provide them a big date whenever they are to return to courtroom.

Spinal Cord Injuries at Work

The spinal cord extends from the base of the brain and is about 18 ” in length. It is surrounded by the vertebral bodies, down the middle of the back, to about the waist. The upper motor neurons (UMNs) are the spinal cord nerves which carry the messages from the brain to the nerves along the spinal tract.  The lower motor neurons (LMNs) are the spinal nerves that, from connect the spinal cord to the other parts of the body and communicate with different areas of the body.

What Liability insurance provides

Liability insurance provides coverage against harm that you have caused to a third party, such as personal injuries, property damage or bad business advice. Find out the different types of liability insurance, including auto liability insurance and business liability insurance, with information from a licensed insurance salesperson in this free video on insurance.

Comparing common law and civil law traditions in legal systems

Common law is the law as interpreted by judges based on traditional law of an area and law taken from English unwritten law as well as laws passed in what is now the United States before it became a nation. In England before the United States became a nation, there were two kinds of law. If a defendant went to a law court, the judge would rule based on written laws. When cases approached the judge that did not fit into any of the written laws, the judge had to make law. These laws were not written laws of the land and depended on the judge who created them. Most of these created laws had to do with property. These property created laws are called “common law” and are subject to change of judge.
Few people realize that the United States is ruled by common law. Common law taken from England were enacted as the general law of each state except for Louisiana. The State of Louisiana has laws that were written actually taken from the French civil code. For all other states, the general law of the land is common law unless there is a statute that can override the judges creativity. As interpreted currently, property laws, contracts and tort law or damage to an injured party are still up to the judge also known as common law.
Occasionally, if there is no statute, federal common law can be petitioned in a federal court. However, even in a case where federal common law has been used if Congress has intervened then the federal common law can be thrown out. By interpretation common law is the law decided by judges even federal judges. Common law can be overruled if a statute has been enacted by a State, locality or Congress.
On the other side of the scales of justice is Civil Law. Civil law is applied in cases that allege no criminal activities and seek monetary redress as in cases of contracts, deeds to properties, divorce settlements, child custody, and injury. The role of civil courts is to peacefully reach a settlement between two or more conflicting parties based on state or federal statutes. If there are no state or federal statutes, the decision of the judge is binding as in common law.
Civil law is used to deal with consumer issues, international law conflicts, agricultural or farm laws, employment matters and issues and animal laws.

Hammerle Finley is the Oldest Law Firm in Denton County

There have been a few times in my life when I have needed the guidance of a family law attorney. Divorce, child custody, remarriage. Unfortunately, during those specific times the only method of finding an attorney was mostly the phone book. Not the best tool for discovering all the facets of a law firm.

Thank heavens for the internet. Through it, I was able to find a Denton Family Law practice with just a few taps on the keyboard.

Subject Matter Jurisdiction versus Personal Jurisdiction

Personal Jurisdiction and Subject Matter Jurisdiction are legal terms-of-art that have tormented law students for hundreds of years. Conceptually, the authority of a court is something that most people don’t think about. For the average citizen, if you get a ticket that says to be at court, you show up. You don’t care whether the court you are going to is the right one for the offense and usually don’t question the authority of the court over you.
Jurisdiction is easier to think about if you put it into a more familiar context. Most people watch movies and televisions shows where the local law enforcement officers (LEO’s) are telling the federal officers from the FBI, CIA, or MIB (Men in Black), that they will not be, “putting up with that juris-my-diction crap.” Jurisdiction is what gives the local police authority over a particular case; and what gives the federal government authority over the LEO’s in some cases.

Legal Liability: when it is confirmed

Legal liability is confirmed when two individuals, or one individual and an organization, become parties to a contract that binds them legally. When legal liability is breached, the party whom suffered the damage has the right to sue the damaging party for a sum of money which will somewhat compensate for the damages done.

West LegalEdcenter Review: Why Continue Legal Education through this Website

Many plan to continue their legal education but could not find the time and the means to do so given their busy schedules. Skipping on course updates is not advised for those who use this kind of information in their trade. Fortunately, there is a website that provides people like us the advantage and the opportunity to avail CLE.  West LegalEdcenter is a website that provides individuals access to countless programs including Constitutional Law education courses that will enhance skills and knowhow that is vital to legal practices. It is not unusual for people to be skeptical in trusting that this site will deliver exactly what it promises. Below are a few of what they have to offer – see for yourself.

West LegalEdcenter

This starts off to look really great with the design. Everything is very well put together. It looks like it will run very smoothly. There are no really loose ends that just get you lost when you are trying to sign up or use the site at all. The color scheme is really great and fits well with the rest of the site. The amount of information that is on the site detailing what all they do is really nice. It was very descriptive and not to hard to understand at all. Seeing all the different types of programs was great to see. They have a lot of different ways to help you out with whatever you are wanting to learn more about.